Order "Through Eyes of Courage" 
              by David & Judy Carney
All profits go to support Honor Flight, Tennessee Valley

8.5 by 11, 224 pages, many photographs.Bios of 26 veterans from North Alabama and their personal stories of how they survived WWII. Heroism, Purple Hearts, and action under fire. Read this book and you will know what WWII was like - around the world.

"Since we were below deck, we could not see what was going on, but could hear big explosions. We soon discovered that Kamikaze planes were trying to hit our ships! I have never been so scared in all my life." Matt Thome

"You fight to win the battle and to survive for another day. Before you face combat you are concerned how you will react, and it worries you that you may not be able to comport yourself in a brave manner, and be able to satisfactorily complete your mission. Once you are actually faced with a combat situation, with little time to think about it, you simply react. You do what is required to fulfill your assignment and to live through it." George F. Pless

"I would like for this generation and other future generations to remember something I read somewhere. ‘On behalf of all living WWII Veterans, I would like to say, I hope when we are all gone, you will remember, and be glad we came.’ I would also like to say that my generation believed in honor, country and duty to their country. Some of today's generations have allowed those words to be eroded away until they have little meaning, anymore. The price of freedom does not come cheap; thousands upon thousands of Americans have died for it. We cannot allow them to die in vain." Doug Garner

Visit an American Military Cemetery in Europe. Stand there and gaze at the countless rows of perfectly placed, white markers. Bow your head in awed silence and ponder how much they gave for you." Maeceille Beem